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Shandong Raytop Chemical Co.,Ltd established in 2006 with a registered capital of RMB 5,000,000 and an area of 100,000 square meters. Our company has 6 workshops and more than 260 employees. RAYTOP specializes in the production of optical brightener series of plastics optical brighteners, detergent optical brighteners, textile optical brighteners, paper optical brighteners and additives, which are widely used in plastic, coating, ink, detergent, textile and paper-making industry. In the past years, the company has also introduced advanced testing equipment, high performance liquid chromatography, whiteness meter, automatic melting point meter, etc. We have established and perfected a high quality, technical support and after-sales service system to ensure the consistency and stability of the company's product quality.
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  • Whitener toxicity

    Whitener toxicity

    1. Absorption amount and metabolism of fluorescent whitening agent on skin

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  • China cas no.:1533-45-5 Optical brightener for PVC

    China cas no.:1533-45-5 Optical brightener for PVC

    Optical brightener OB-1 china cas no.:1533-45-5 is the most commonly used whitening additive for many plastics, coatings, dyeing and finishing manufacturers. It has the characteristics of small addition amount and obvious whitening effect. Especially in the hands of recyclers of recycled materials, it is good for recycle products.

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  • Are swimming pool clarifiers harmful to people?

    Are swimming pool clarifiers harmful to people?

    Clarifiers are used to maintain or enhance the transparency of clear shampoos. Commonly used ethanol, propylene glycol, such as new fatty alcohol citric acid. Thickener is used to improve the viscosity of shampoo, commonly used thickener are: inorganic salts, polyethylene glycol fatty acid ester (also known as fatty acid polyoxyethylene ester), amine oxide, water-soluble gum raw materials.

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