Detergent Optical Brighteners

Detergent Optical Brighteners also named fluorescent whitening agent ,Detergent Optical Brighteners is an optical conditioning agent. Its function principle is to convert the invisible UV light into visible blue light, which is superimposed with the yellow light of the fabric itself, and emits white light, achieving a soft and pleasing whitening effect. Detergent Optical Brighteners is added to the laundry detergent because there are color conditioning functions that no product can replace. People all believe that surfactant are the most basic ingredients in detergents, and Detergent Optical Brighteners can white and brighten them, so Detergent Optical Brighteners excellent functional additives.


Why we name it detergent Optical Brighteners,because Detergent Optical Brighteners is a kind of Optical Brighteners used for detergent industry.This kind of detergent Optical Brighteners can be easily solved in the it is popular in the big and small detergent factory.


From different detergent level,we recommend different RAYTOP Detergent Optical Brighteners,for example,for high level detergent products we recommend detergent Optical Brighteners CBS-X,if lower level many different choices,such as detergent Optical Brighteners CXT DMS AMS etc


From environment protection aspect,detergent Optical Brighteners have powder and granule form.Of course granule detergent Optical Brighteners is more friendly for the environment.

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  • Optical brighteners Tinopal CBS-X 351 in detergent in China Chemical Name: 4,4'-Bis(2-sulfonatostyryl)biphenyl Disodium Salt CAS NO: 27344-41-8 C.I. No.: 351 Specifications: Appearance: Yellowish or yellowish green crystal powder Maximum absorption wavelength: 348nm±1 1% extinction coefficient: 1105-1181 Shade: reddish for fiber, dyeing print ect. Blue shade for detergent. Packing: 25KG fiber dru

  • Fluorescent Brightener 351 mainly used as brightener for detergent, cotton, linen, silk, polyamide fiber, wool and paper. It can be added to any process of any type of detergent.

  • Detergent fluorescent whitening agent is kind of additives can absorb UV light then emit visible blue light to reduce the yellowish and make the products more white. Detergent fluorescent whitening agent mainly Used in detergent industry,for the synthetic detergent,toilet soap and soap . Detergent fluorescent whitening agent also Used in the fabric of cotton fiber,nylon,etc taking on excellent whitening effect on artificial fiber,polyamide,vinylon,also has good whitening effect on protein fiber,aminoplastics.

  • Optical Brightener CBS-X Detergent (CAS#27344-41-8) is soluble in water, anionic type, maximum spectrum absorption at 348-350nm, it’s the best brightener in detergent industry and soap industry.

  • Raytop Chemical is one of the professional Optical Brightener Tinopal CBS-X factory.Tinopal CBS-X, Fluorescent Brightener 351 (FB 351 ) , C.I.351, Fluorescent Brightener CBS-X Which is a kind of yellow powder and granular,with standard e-value 1140,our Tinopal CBS-X is famouse for high e-value and high whitness,small dosage with low price.

  • Raytop Chemical is a professional Optical Brighteners in Detergent factory,we have powder and granular form.It is mainly used for detergent industry,such as washing powder,Laundry detergent,soap bar etc.For optical brighteners in detergent we also have Optical Brightener CXT,DMS,DMA-X,DMA etc.

RAYTOP is one of the advanced Detergent Optical Brighteners manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our Detergent Optical Brighteners are made in China and have been exported to many countries, including Germany, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Middle East, etc. Also, we have established long-term cooperative relations with numerous domestic famous Optical Brightening Agent enterprises. Welcome to wholesale and buy cheap Detergent Optical Brighteners from our factory. RAYTOP Detergent Optical Brighteners factory has discount price in stock, we can offer free sample and customized service for you.