Paper Optical Brighteners

Paper Optical Brighteners also named Fluorescent brightener is a kind of fluorescent dye, also known as white dye, which is widely used in many fields such as textile, paper making, detergent,washing powder, soap, rubber, plastic, pigment and paint.


Fluorescent whitening agent is a complex organic compound that can absorb ultraviolet light and reflect blue-violet visible light, supplement the lack of blue-violet light in the applied products, and increase the total reflected light to achieve the effect of whitening and increment.


For printing paper, cultural paper and some industrial papers, whiteness is still an important indicator. In order to meet the requirements of paper whiteness, on the one hand, chemical bleaching (such as chlorine bleaching or hydrogen peroxide bleaching, etc.) is used to make the pulp reach a certain whiteness. On the other hand, the bleached pulp is physically whitened to make it reach the whiteness that people need. The commonly used physical whitening method is to add an appropriate amount of Paper Optical Brighteners in a certain process of the paper making process.

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  • Optical Brightener VBL for cotton fabric and gluing products, light color or printing products. It show normal sun light resistance and has good affinity with cellulose fiber, normal level dyeing result. can be used in printing pulps and exhausting or padding dyeing.

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