Textile Optical Brighteners Manufacturers

Why people use textile Optical Brighteners,that is because in the textile industry, the whiteness of the fiber itself often fails to meet people's aesthetic requirements. Especially natural fibers, due to the different growth environment and growth cycle, their whiteness varies greatly. White substances generally slightly absorb blue light from 450 to 480 nm in visible light, resulting in insufficient blueness, making textiles slightly yellow and giving people a sense of old age. For this reason, people use  textile Optical Brighteners to whiten and brighten textiles.


Textile optical brighteners,people also called optical brightening agent for textile,Textile Optical Brighteners has three form,powder or granule and liquid form.


Textile Optical Brighteners can be used for white and brighten Polyester blend and cotton fabric.RAYTOP textile Optical Brighteners ER-I 199, ER-II 199:1,as well as liquid fluorescent brightening agent PS-1 PS-2.RAYTOP textile Optical Brighteners BA BBU CXT,also liquid fluorescent brightening agent BA-L ,APC ,C.I 263 can be used in it.

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