UV Stabilizer

UV stabilizers are chemical additives with strong absorption properties with respect to ultraviolet radiation. They are added to different materials to counteract aging due to light exposure. The use of UV stabilizers targets both optical and mechanical properties. The cause of the aging process by ultraviolet radiation is the formation of free radicals, which destroy the structure of the materials in a chain reaction. The use of UV-stabilizers helps to intercept these radicals.



The UV stabilizers are added in the production of adhesives, plastics and rubbers, in order to protect these materials from damage by exposure to light.

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  • UV STABILIZER 944 is a high molecular HALS with low volatility, migration resistance, high temperature resistance etc., has synergetic effect with antioxidants and UV absorbers.HALS 944 is highly effective in PE/PP/PS/PA/PU/PVC, especially in films and fibers

  • UV STABILIZER 770 is a low molecular HALS, has good compatibility with most polymers and has synergistic effects with antioxidants and UV absorbers. 770 is highly effective in polyolefin materials (e.g. PP, PE), olefin copolymers (e.g. EVA, propylene and rubber copolymers), PS, PA, PU, soft PVC etc.

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