Company News

  • 2021 ChinaPlas(Shenzhen) is holding during Apr.13-16,2021. We Shandong Raytop Chemical is as professional manufacturer of Optical Brightener present.On the exhibition we show our leading products optical brightener OB OB-1 FP-127 KCB KSB CBS-X MDAC etc.


  • Optical brighteners are synthetic chemicals added to liquid and powder laundry detergents. Optical brighteners make clothing appear whiter and brighter, and thus cleaner. Optical brighteners are the modern-day replacement for the decades-old practice of bluing—adding small amounts of blue dye to fabric to make it appear whiter.


  • What is an optical brightener? Optical brightener also called optical brightening agents (OBAs), fluorescent brightening agents (FBAs), or fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs). What is an optical brightener? Optical brighteners are chemical compounds that absorb light in the ultraviolet and violet region (usually 340-370 nm) of the electromagnetic spectrum, and re-emit light in the blue region (typically 420-470 nm) by fluorescence. What is an optical brightener? Optical brighteners are additives.


  • Please feel free to contact us if you want to take advantage of this low price to make some inventory. We are Shandong Raytop Chemical Co.,Ltd, established in 2006. Our company specializes in producing optical brightener series products and additives, which are widely used in plastic, coating, ink, detergent, textile and paper-making industry. We have what you want, and we are professional here at your service.


  • The most big use of optical brighteners is on the plastics,there are so many different type of plastics exist in the word,but whatever which kind form our optical brightener can help you get the performance you want .