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  • The German Ministry of Environment solemnly declared in 1983 that the fluorescent whitening agent CBS does not have any sensitization and teratogenicity.  


  • The rapid development of fluorescent whitening agents has led to the emergence of reactive dyes and organic pigments DPP as one of the three major achievements in the dye field in the late 20th century.  


  • optical brighteners are currently involved in a wide range of industries. Because people have higher requirements for the appearance of products, we can see fluorescent brighteners in the plastics industry, paint and ink industry, printing and dyeing industry, washing industry and paper industry. .


  • Researchers have analyzed the possible toxicity of various fluorescent brightener from various angles, including what dose will produce acute toxicity; whether it is irritating to skin and mucous membranes; whether it is carcinogenic, teratogenic, and sudden change after long-term touch; whether It may cause allergies; will it accumulate in animals...


  • Today we will show you how to make optical brightener OB-1 ,there are 3 ways to produce optical brightener OB-1. Optical brightener OB-1 is the product with the best heat resistance among all optical brightener products.


  • This year, the global chemical price has been rising several times and it has become a hot topic. Today, Raytop Chemical will analyze the price trend and trend of optical brighteners in recent years.