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Whitening effect of paint brightener OB

Paint is a kind of decorative coating. The paint can be seen almost everywhere in our lives. With the continuous progress and development of society in recent years, people have higher and higher requirements on the quality of life and the appearance requirements of products harsh. The appearance of the paint we see is so bright and bright, mostly adding a variety of additives, of which whitening agent OB is an excellent additive for improving the quality and appearance of paint products.

Nowadays, the demand and quality of paint in the construction industry are an upward trend. The rise in the paint market is accompanied by the improvement of the optical brightener OB market. Fluorescent brightener OB is an additive that can increase the whiteness and brightness of the paint surface and effectively improve the weather resistance of the paint. By absorbing invisible light, it can emit visible blue-violet fluorescence combined with the yellowish light of paint to form white light, so as to play a whitening effect.

In addition to optical brighteners such as fluorescent whitening products, another common whitening product is titanium dioxide, which is different from the optical whitening principle of whitening agents. Titanium dioxide is a physical whitening, although the whitening effect is also good, However, its biggest disadvantage is that when the whiteness reaches a certain value, it can no longer be improved. Therefore, most paint manufacturers will use a combination of the two. The amount of whitening agent OB in the paint only needs to add 200g to make the paint The whiteness value is increased by ten points. The cost is negligibly low relative to the manufacturer, but the effect can be improved a lot.