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What are the advantages of the fluorescent whitening agent for the subboard

A decorative material for a gusset. As the market space for decoration materials is gradually increasing, as the main material for interior decoration, the market competitiveness of the gusset plate is also increasing, and the fluorescent whitening agent for the gusset plate is used to increase the whiteness of the gusset plate to enhance its appearance. Grade chemical additives.

Most of the gussets are based on polyvinyl chloride resin, with a certain amount of anti-aging agents, modifiers, plasticizers and other additives and calcium carbonate, titanium white masterbatch and other fillers, after mixing, calendering, vacuum suction Made of plastic and other processes. Fluorescent whitening agent plays an important role as an auxiliary agent in the production of gussets. There are generally three methods for whitening of gussets. One is to physically cover whitening; the second is to chemically whiten; the third is to optically brighten optical brighteners. There are many types of fluorescent whitening agents on the market. How to choose a special fluorescent whitening agent is also very important. Today I will introduce you a special fluorescent whitening agent.

Zheyuan special fluorescent whitening agent has the following four advantages: First, increase the whiteness, brightness, and vividness of the product, and the effect is obvious; Second, the yellowing resistance in the later period is very good, and it can keep the color lasting, bright, bright and non-flooding Yellow does not fade and does not precipitate, and the product is as long as new; Third, the dispersion performance is very good, easy to add and use, add according to the corresponding proportion, evenly stir to disperse into the raw materials, the product color is uniform, there will be no uneven distribution of blocks The amount of addition is small, compared with the ordinary fluorescent whitening agent on the market, the same amount of special fluorescent whitening agent for Zheyuan buckle plate has a better effect. The amount of whitener added is less.