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Do you know the classification of detergents and whitening agents?

Most detergents are used to clean textiles, such as meal mends, bed sheets, clothes, etc. The raw materials of textiles are not as white as we see in the market. Many of them are yellowing. At this time, in order to make the fabrics white and bright, a small amount of fluorescent whitening agents are usually added (national standard fluorescent whitening agents are safe). With the increase of using time, the original Fluorescent Brightener on the textile will be lost, and the textile will appear yellow again. At this time, it is necessary to use the detergent containing fluorescent whitening agent for rinsing.

1、 Industrial detergent brightener

Different from household detergents, professional detergents are an independent category, mainly including hotel, hospital and hotel detergents, which are used in large-scale washing industry such as laundry. Including cleaning agents for public facilities, textile industry, leather industry, food industry, transportation, metal, optical glass, plastic rubber and other industrial cleaning agents.

The price of detergent used in industry is usually low. It is suggested to use fluorescent whitening agent CXT. CXT, a fluorescent whitening agent, is considered to be an excellent fluorescent whitening agent for detergents. CXT used in washing powder is characterized by high mixing amount, high accumulated washing whiteness, and can meet the requirements of any mixing amount in detergent industry.

2、 Household detergent whitening agent

There are two kinds of washing products: one is fat soap, the other is synthetic detergent. Among synthetic detergents, washing powder accounts for about 2 / 3, liquid detergent accounts for about 1 / 3, and solid synthetic detergents are relatively few. In the field of textile washing, soap, granule or powder washing powder, clear liquid and jujube liquid detergent are the most common.

The most common household detergent whitening agent is fluorescent whitening agent CBS. Fluorescent whitening agent CBS is widely used in detergents, bleaching and dyeing, papermaking and other industries, especially in washing powder, washing cream, liquid detergent, fabric softener and finishing agent, especially for low-temperature washing and whitening, which is currently the best fluorescent whitening agent in the detergent industry in the world.