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6 common optical brighteners

Maxbrite OB(C.I.184)
Applicable to whitening processing of various plastics including PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, thermoplastics, inks, coatings, etc.; good fastness to sunlight, no yellowing phenomenon; easily soluble in organic solvents and very good The whiteness effect; equivalent to: Uvitex OB (Huntsman).

Maxbrite OB-1(C.I.393)
It has a strong fluorescent whitening effect; a very wide range of use, it can be widely used in polyester fibers, nylon fibers and various forms of plastic; it has very good heat resistance for high temperatures; equivalent to: Eastobright OB-1 (Eastman ).

Maxbrite FP(C.I.378)
Easily soluble in organic solvents, with a maximum absorption wavelength of 368nm and a maximum emission wavelength of 436nm; good compatibility with PVC, PS and other plastics; good whiteness effect, shade and thermal stability; equivalent to: Uvitex FP (Huntsman) .

Maxbrite KCB(C.I.367)
It is suitable for the whitening process of high polymers of various processing technologies; it has a very ideal whitening effect, and the color is slightly blue; it is equivalent to: Hostalux KCB (Hoechest).

Maxbrite CF:1(C.I.90:1)
Suitable for exhaust dyeing and pad dyeing methods, especially for resins; especially suitable for thermocompression plastics such as urea-formaldehyde resins; higher economy and good light fastness and stability; stilbene derivatives, yellow Powdery.

Maxbrite DBH...(C.I.199/199-1)

It is very suitable for the whitening process of PVC cable materials; it has very good whitening effect; it has good thermal stability for high temperature above 330℃.