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Optical Brightener Detergent


Now many people confused if the washing powder which kind is better? optical brightener detergent is good or without optical brightener is better ?As a manufacturer and professor we can tell you ,optical brightener detergent is no harm for you skin,almost all the big brand detergent brand use optical brightener CBS-X,CXT DMS etc,such as Unilever,P&G etc.


Now an integral part of all washing powders, optical brighteners are dyestuffs absorbed by textile fibres from solution but not subsequently removed in rinsing. They convert invisible ultraviolet light into visible light on the blue side of the spectrum, causing the fibre to reflect a greater proportion of visible light and making it appear brighter. Furthermore, since the tone of the extra light reflected is on the blue side of the spectrum, this blue-violet tinge will complement any yellowishness present on the fibre to make it look whiter as well as brighter. The chemical structures of optical brightening agents are complicated; many formulas are trade secrets.

Although the action of optical brighteners resembles old-style laundry blueing in some ways, the two methods must not be confused. In the old method, a blue dye or pigment is adsorbed onto the fibre; this blue tends to absorb yellow light falling on it, reflecting light richer in blue. With blueing, however, the fabric absorbs some of the light falling on it and hence reflects less light than it receives. Thus, the fabric looks whiter, not brighter.