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Titanium dioxide ushered in the recovery of rising market in Aug


Since the beginning of August, the price of titanium dioxide has rebounded against the trend. Panzhihua, Guangxi and Detian Chemical titanium dioxide manufacturers have announced an increase of 500 yuan/ton, and international prices have risen by US$80/ton. In addition, in the previous period, the large Southwest enterprises and the two manufacturers in East China were determined to increase the price. In fact, it is very common for both manufacturers and distributors to adjust prices according to their own spot inventory, but the overall decline has basically been achieved.


According to the production vice president of Shandong Ruituo Chemical, the current optical brighteners are also facing the pressure of low market demand and high cost operation. Affected by the recovery of foreign demand and the unblocking of some countries, the export of fluorescent brighteners has remained stable compared with the previous month, and the overall inventory of manufacturers is low. The domestic terminal demand is general, or the wait-and-see mode is opened, and the on-demand procurement is mainly to meet the rigid demand or the main theme of the market.