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Market situation and development trend forecast of Optical Brighteners( fluorescent whitening agent )in 2020


In 2016, the country began to urge environmental protection rectification; the initial policy was to change coal to blue coal. At this time, some optical brightener companies began to improve as required. By 2017, the policy was adjusted to coal to gas, and fluorescent brightener manufacturers were not allowed to bear the loss of changing coal to blue coal, start coal to gas; then ask to move to the chemical park, and continue to limit production and stop from time to time; the increase in costs and the sharp reduction in profits have all become the early rise in the price of optical brighteners.


2017-2018 is destined to be an extraordinary two years for the development of optical brighteners. In the past two years, the national environmental protection requirements have become higher and higher, and the crackdown on illegal companies has become more and more severe. Because optical brighteners belong to chemical companies, it is environmental protection. The most important enterprises, all chemical enterprises are environmental protection inspections from initiation to intensification, raw material prices are rising like a rocket, and this has led to a sharp increase in the price of fluorescent whitening agents, the highest increase Plastic optical brightener models such as OB have increased by more than 400%. For a while, end users complained about rising costs. On the other hand, optical brightener manufacturers are stuck in a two-sided situation of high costs and customer complaints.


In 2017, with the implementation of environmental protection policies, environmental protection rectification spread to all aspects of the chemical industry, which led to the continuous and substantial increase of most basic raw materials; the raw materials of fluorescent brighteners are single in variety, subject to relatively large restrictions, and prices The large fluctuations of the whitening agent have caused the rare situation of three price adjustments a day; in the winter of 2017, the north implemented the environmental protection policy of 2+26 cities, and the areas where these cities are located are important chemical production towns. From November 15th to March 15th, 2018, the four months of large-scale suspension of production and production restrictions resulted in a large-scale out of stock of raw materials. Market conditions with prices and no market further promoted the price increase of optical brighteners until In 2019, environmental protection was basically up to standard, production was basically stable, and prices began to fall.


2020 is a year for the world to be tested. Due to the impact of COVID-19 and the global economic downturn, fluorescent whitening agents are also deeply affected, and the price of optical brightener has dropped by a cliff, especially optical brightener OB-1 CAS NO 7128-64-5 CI 393, which has dropped by 20%. When the cost price has fallen, major manufacturers are just holding on. However, the price of optical brightener OB FP-127 KCB has been stable.In difficult times, Shandong Raytop Chemical, as a supplier, sincerely hopes to understand and support each other with all friends of God, to overcome difficulties and move forward together.