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The price of chemical products jumped continuously, manufacturers stopped taking orders,how about optical brighteners ?


Recently, chemical products in the titanium dioxide market, polyester market, and plastic market have risen.ABS rose nearly 2,000 yuan, and the market was in short supply and prices were strongly supported.The off-season in August is red, is the Golden Nine and Silver Ten arrived early or is it a short-lived?


This time the price of single chemical products has risen, Shandong Ruituo Chemical Co., Ltd. Ji said,At present, the price of optical brightener products has reached a slump and tends to be stable.In terms of raw materials, the price of Optical Brightener OB phenol has risen slightly. Fluorescent brightener OB acid is facing the integration of production lines and has been suspended for several months. Currently, it mainly consumes inventory.

The price of optical brightening agent OB-1 has also reached the lowest in history. The subsequent price trend mainly depends on the supply and demand of raw materials and the recovery of the market economy.