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What's the bottom line on the price of optical brighteners


Since the beginning of 2019, the price of optical brighteners has been falling again and again. The reason is not that the price of raw materials of optical brighteners has been falling, but that the manufacturers of optical brighteners have adjusted their shipment price in order to compete.


The factory will lower the price and I will lower the price. You lower the price than me, and I lower the price than you. You are in order to compete for the market of optical brighteners, this market does not hesitate to reduce their price, know the cost of production, so far, the price of optical brighteners, black heart currency has been close to the bottom line of production, if it goes on like this, some manufacturers will inevitably be unable to follow the price reduction, and out. Market is merciless, the market is not the feelings of, the price of the red light bleaching agent is reduced to the major manufacturers for the customer, when the price close to the production of optical brighteners agent price, some factory cannot follow, lead to death, some factories can produce several dominant status at this time, several dominant conditions that procurement staff becomes weak, or is the use of manufacturers brightener KCB price might again soar, causing a goods is hard to find.


Why only the price of optical brighteners KCB has produced such a big fluctuation, why all these manufacturers are targeting optical brighteners KCB? Because of unique raw materials, optical brightener agent can go to b only caused by the optical brightener agent, happy COINS of raw materials, the current domestic manufacturers less on the supply of goods, so as long as the control optical brighteners KCB prices, can control the upstream of optical brightener agent of raw materials, raw materials, after the implementation of a two head block, so son, some manufacturers will not be able to purchase the raw materials, but the price can't sell higher, so caused a rich spend all the time, or are not rich enough to buy the arrival of the goods, or have no money to buy raw materials, in stock can't sell such a condition. If the optical brighteners KCB continues to fall further, it will become the situation just described, and it is likely that some manufacturers will be eliminated.


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