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optical brightener ob-1 price

This year, the global chemical price has been rising several times and it has become a hot topic. Today, Raytop Chemical will analyze the price trend and trend of optical brighteners in recent years.

In 2017, the price of optical brighteners ushered in a sharp increase in ten years. The price of optical brightener OB-1 rose from US$10/kg to US$34/kg , and the price of optical brightener OB rose from US$17/kg to US$70/kg, optical brightener KCB also soared all the way to more than 80 US dollars/kg, and it was not until the winter of 2019 that prices slowly returned to normal levels.

The reason is that since the start of the national blue sky defense war in 2016, the entire chemical industry has undergone a profound reform.Optical brighteners belong to chemical companies, which are the most important enterprises in the country's environmental protection, and require coal to be converted to coal. At this time, some optical brighteners companies began to improve as required. In 2017, the policy was adjusted to change from coal to gas, and optical brighteners manufacturers had to bear the loss of coal-to-coal conversion, and the coal-to-gas conversion was initiated. 

Subsequently, the government required all chemical companies to move to the chemical park. In order to consolidate the effect, the supervision department would restrict production and stop from time to time. The resulting increase in costs and sharp decline in profits have become the main driving force for the price increase of optical brighteners.

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. With the outbreak of the epidemic and the deep drop in oil prices, the chemical industry was severely impacted in the first quarter, prices fell deeply, and industry profits shrank sharply. With the recovery of oil prices in the second half of the year, epidemic control, resumption of work and production are rapidly advancing, domestic demand is the first to recover, industry inventories are gradually digested, and the market has begun to rebound. In the third quarter, the chemical industry entered the traditional peak season for demand, coupled with the superposition of export recovery, inventory digestion and other factors, resulting in a short-term mismatch of supply and demand, and some chemicals started to jump.

In 2021, with the trend of rising collective prices of global chemical companies, optical brighteners will also rise slightly. For example, the optical brighteners OB-1. Due to the increase in crude oil prices, the raw materials also fluctuate slightly. However, due to the rapid increase in prices from 2017 to 2019, some companies have seen business opportunities to start production and build factories. It is expected that products will be produced in May and June this year. Big quantity optical brightener OB-1 Will enter the market, and then the national output will double. Since China is the only place of origin in the world that can produce optical brighteners, doubling China's production also means doubling global supply. Not surprisingly, there will be a major adjustment in prices at that time.

In general, the price of the optical brighteners OB-1, which has the largest sales volume among the optical brighteners, will be affected by the following three aspects: 1. Global economic environment 2. Raw material price changes. 3. Domestic supply level. 

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