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what are optical brighteners in laundry detergent?

Since the beginning of the 1960s, the wave of environmental protection has swept the world, and people have begun to question the environmental impact of optical brighteners and their safety to the human body. The peak of international research on the toxicological effects of optical brighteners also appeared in this period. However, what makes the researchers "sad" is that the optical brightener cbs-x Raytop Chemical says that several typical optical brighteners did not show obvious toxicity to various test organisms.

Researchers have analyzed the possible toxicity of various fluorescent brightener from various angles, including what dose will produce acute toxicity; whether it is irritating to skin and mucous membranes; whether it is carcinogenic, teratogenic, and sudden change after long-term touch; whether It may cause allergies; will it accumulate in animals... As a result, the acute toxicity of these substances is very small, and they are basically excreted from the body after ingestion. There is no basis to show that they are irritating, three-causing (carcinogenic, Teratogenic, sudden change) effects, allergies, etc. The only adverse effect is that when the optical brightener is injected and exposed to 210-275 nanometer wavelength ultraviolet light, tumors are generated in the mice, but this short-wave ultraviolet light cannot enter the atmosphere in the natural environment, that is, It is said that the results of this study have no learning significance for the living things on the earth. Next, the optical brightener cbs-x company RAYTOP CHECM mainly talks about the application of optical brighteners in the laundry detergent industry.

 Application in laundry detergent

Fabric scrubbing agent is a necessity of residents' daily life. With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for detergents is constantly improving, and it is developing in the direction of environmental protection, convenience, economy and efficiency. Surfactants and auxiliaries are the main components of fabric scrubbing agents, which play a vital role in the performance of scrubbing agents and the effect of washing clothes cleanliness. The optical brightener treatment of fabrics in textile printing and dyeing factories is a wide and universal skill, but it does not achieve permanent washing fastness. That is, as people wear and wash, the fluorescent brightener will fall off and the clothes will become old. , And even yellowing, etc. Adding a certain amount and appropriate type of optical brightener to the scrubbing agent can not only add the whiteness or vividness of the fabric to be scrubbed, improve the scrubbing effect, but also improve the appearance of the scrubber. At present, 50% of the world's consumption of optical brighteners is used in the detergent industry. Therefore, it can be said that the fluorescent brightener cbs-x has become one of the indispensable and important additives in the formulation of fabric detergents. When washing clothes, a detergent will generally face fabrics of various fibers, such as pure cotton, polyester cotton, pure polyester, wool, silk, viscose, nylon, and so on. To achieve better whitening and brightening effects for different fibers together, the choice of optical brightener is required.

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