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Are swimming pool clarifiers harmful to people?

Clarifiers are used to maintain or enhance the transparency of clear shampoos.  Commonly used ethanol, propylene glycol, such as new fatty alcohol citric acid.  Thickener is used to improve the viscosity of shampoo, commonly used thickener are: inorganic salts, polyethylene glycol fatty acid ester (also known as fatty acid polyoxyethylene ester), amine oxide, water-soluble gum raw materials.  

Another type of fat agent is mainly used for hair care, making hair smooth and smooth.  Fat agent for oil, fat, alcohol, ester raw materials, commonly used olive oil, high fatty acid ester, lanolin and its derivatives and silicone oil.  

The clarifier used in the pool is a cationic clarifier with a positive charge. The idea is that these positive charges are combined with the negatively charged suspended particles in the water, which are then filtered out through a traditional pool filtration system to make the water clear and blue.  It is harmless to human body.  The white disinfection powder that swimming pool uses is harmful to human body, but need not too worry, normal swimming pool has standard requirement to the concentration of this disinfection powder, won't cause what harm to human body.