Polyester Nylon Nucleating Agent RT-24
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Polyester Nylon Nucleating Agent RT-24

Polyester Nylon Nucleating Agent RT-24 is a physical compounds of few nucleating agent of long chain polyester sodium salt to speed up crystallization of polymer and can be used for Polyester (PET, PBT) and also suitable for Nylon (PA6, PA66, PA11, PA12, Copolymerization PA). When adding Polyester Nylon Nucleating Agent RT-24 to the polymer melt, it can easily be dispersed into very fine particles and forms a detailed crystal structure which plays a very effective nucleating role.

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Product Description

Polyester Nylon Nucleating Agent RT-24

Physical properties


White powder

Effective substance content


Melting point


Heat resistance



Application characteristics
It has the following advantages in injection molding:

1. Shortening molding cycle and increasing productivity.

2. Improve demoulding.

3. Improving dimensional stability of products.

4. Reduce product shrinkage.

5. Prevention of stress cracking of products.

6. Improve mechanical properties (increase tensile strength and hardness).

7. Improving surface gloss.

It is not only effective for unreinforced material, but also effective for reinforced plastic materials. It is especially adapted for fiberglass reinforced plastic.



The best dosage is recommended: 0.2-1% (usually about 0.5%)anyhow for final dosage, it depends on the type of polymer and the properties that the final product wants to achieve.

It can be used directly adding or make masterbatch before application.


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