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  • Fluorescent brighteners are mainly used to remove yellowing and whitening of recycled plastics. Below we mainly introduce the characteristics and uses of the two best-selling fluorescent brighteners in the Indonesian market.

  • Plastic defoaming masterbatch is also called plastic dewatering masterbatch, water absorbing agent, desiccant masterbatch and so on. It has been widely used in the plastic manufacturing industry.

  • Oba(optical brightening agent) for cotton are mostly powdery, generally light yellow in appearance, anionic, easily soluble in water, and the solution is slightly yellow, fluorescent, and neutral. It can be absorbed by the fiber in the aqueous solution, has excellent leveling and permeability, can directly dye the fiber, and is convenient to use.

  • Among all the optical brighteners for plastics, optical brightener OB-1 for plastics is the most popular in the market.

  • Carbon black masterbatch is a common color masterbatch in plastic processing, and it is also a large amount of color masterbatch. Black masterbatch is widely used in the field of plastic granulation, such as injection molding process, extrusion molding and injection molding. In real life, black masterbatch is widely used in the injection molding process of car plastic parts, in the extrusion of plastic pipes, in the production of agricultural and agricultural mulch and geosynthetics.

  • black masterbatch,For the color masterbatch, color is very important, because we are going to use it on plastic products. If the color is not full, then it must be a substandard product, so we must pay attention to this when making it. But this is not what we are going to talk about that day, let's understand how to distinguish and understand carrier-free masterbatch?