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  • Optical brighteners Tinopal CBS-X 351 in detergent in China Chemical Name: 4,4'-Bis(2-sulfonatostyryl)biphenyl Disodium Salt CAS NO: 27344-41-8 C.I. No.: 351 Specifications: Appearance: Yellowish or yellowish green crystal powder Maximum absorption wavelength: 348nm±1 1% extinction coefficient: 1105-1181 Shade: reddish for fiber, dyeing print ect. Blue shade for detergent. Packing: 25KG fiber dru

  • Generally speaking, CPE can be divided into three categories in use, type A, type B, and type C. Type CPE135A material is mainly used as toughening agent to modify hard pvc; Type CPE135B material is mainly used in the rubber field, which is usually called cm; Type CPE135C material is mainly used to modify abs. CPE is made by the substitution reaction of high-density polyethylene and chlorine gas through free radicals.

  • With the continuous advancement of the current level of technology, the application fields of fluorescent whitening agent OB 184 CAS NO.:7128-64-5 have gradually expanded. In the paint industry, paint manufacturers often add the fluorescent whitening agent OB 184 CAS NO.:7128-64-5, which is a kind of brightener. Why the fluorescent whitening agent OB 184 CAS NO.:7128-64-5 is suitable for paint use? We will give you a detailed explanation today.

  • RAYTOP CHEMICAL is the professional manufacturer of Optical brightener and kinds masterbatch from the year 2000.Our leading products are as follows, OPTICAL BRIGHTENER OB OPTICAL BRIGHTENER OB-1 OPTICAL BRIGHTENER FP-127 OPTICAL BRIGHTENER KCB Black masterbatch White masterbatch Filler masterbatch Color masterbatch Optical brightener masterbatch Desiccant/Defoaming masterbatch

  • Fluorescent brighteners are mainly used to remove yellowing and whitening of recycled plastics. Below we mainly introduce the characteristics and uses of the two best-selling fluorescent brighteners in the Indonesian market.

  • Plastic defoaming masterbatch is also called plastic dewatering masterbatch, water absorbing agent, desiccant masterbatch and so on. It has been widely used in the plastic manufacturing industry.