Optical Brightener OB 1 TDS Manufacturers

Optical Brightener OB 1 TDS with cheap can be wholesale and buy from RAYTOP factory - made in China. RAYTOP is one of the advanced Optical Brightener OB 1 TDS manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our Optical Brightener OB 1 TDS are made in China and have been exported to many countries, including Germany, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Middle East, etc. Also, we have established long-term cooperative relations with numerous domestic famous Optical Brightening Agent. RAYTOP Optical Brightener OB 1 TDS factory has cheap and in stock, we can offer free sample and customized service for you.
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  • Optical Brightener OB-1 TDS is a heat resistant and chemically stable optical brightener that increases whiteness and provides brighter looking colors. Optical Brightener OB-1 (TDS) is used to offset the yellowness of a polymer and to yield a whiter appearance. Optical brighteners OB-1 (TDS) create brilliance by a fluorescence process involving absorption of invisible UV light and emission of visible blue light. Optical Brightener OB-1 (TDS) is useful in polyester and nylon fibers as well in high temperature engineering plastics.