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  • Optical Brightener Agent have Liquid Optical Brightener and Powder Optical Brightener. For paper making using, we recommend liquid optical brightener BBU. Liquid optical brightener BBU is easy to use, can be arbitrary proportion miscible with water,is suitable for continuous addition. Liquid optical brightener BBU has good acid-resistance, under low PH value also has excellent whitening effect.

liquid-optical-brightener with cheap can be wholesale and buy from RAYTOP factory - made in China. RAYTOP is one of the advanced liquid-optical-brightener manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our liquid-optical-brightener are made in China and have been exported to many countries, including Germany, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Middle East, etc. Also, we have established long-term cooperative relations with numerous domestic famous Optical Brightening Agent. RAYTOP liquid-optical-brightener factory has cheap and in stock, we can offer free sample and customized service for you.