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  • Best optical brightener price please find Chinese Manufacturer, Shandong Raytop, Chemical. Offering best optical brightener price and quality is always our goal. Optical Brightener Price CBS-X Cas: 27344-41-8 , find Complete Details as below.

  • There are several websites that are listing “non Optical Brightener detergents”, however, most of these statements are FALSE! Authoritative research showing that there is only one variety of Cheer that is non optical brightener detergents!

  • If you are looking for optical brightener for detergent powder, here we recommend CBS-X for you. Optical brightener for detergent powder CBS-X is mainly used for whitening synthetic detergents and soaps. Optical brightener for detergent powder CBS-X can also be used for whitening cotton, linen, nylon wool and paper.

  • Optical Brightener Free detergents is not always good. Laundering with optical brightener free detergents generally restores, but does not improve, the initial whiteness of soiled white fabrics. Optical brighteners detergents are needed to increase the total spectral radiance, which normally results in better whiteness and an impression of superior cleanliness

  • Product Name: Optical brightener OB C.I.184 CAS NO.1533-45-5 Appearance Light :yellow powder Content :98% Melting point :200C Volatile content :0.5%max Ash content :0.5%max Particle size:200 mesh Packing description: 25kg fibre drums with PE liner. Storage: Store in cool & dry place. Usage: good whitening agent for PVC, PS, PE, PP, ABS, thermoplastics, acetate fibre, paint, coating and printing ink, etc.

  • Raytop Chemical is a professional Optical Brighteners in Detergent factory,we have powder and granular form.It is mainly used for detergent industry,such as washing powder,Laundry detergent,soap bar etc.For optical brighteners in detergent we also have Optical Brightener CXT,DMS,DMA-X,DMA etc.

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